About company

The «TAIM» company is the single largest importer of meat pork meal to the Russian market. Poultry farms and compound feed plant cooperating with us are provided not only with this high-quality product, but also with meat and bone meal of domestic production, which meets both Russian and European veterinary standards.

Our mission

We determine our mission as culture grafting of Biosafety productions, by the deepest integration of our experts in all production and technological processes from raw material collection to transportation of finished products.


The main priority of the development Department of Taim is searching for new production and technological solutions, it is of course monitoring, research and commissioning of advanced antimicrobial products in order to maintain and improve the quality of sold products.

Awards and Acknowledgements

The «TAIM» company is a permanent participant of the working groups of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and a member of the key industrial unions such as "the Union of mixed feeders", "Russian Union of Trade Unions", "Russian poultry Union", has letters of thanks from CCH and the largest Russian poultry farms.

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