Our feature


We define our mission as the improvement of quality standards of production through the deep integration of our specialists in all production and technological processes from the collection of raw materials to the transportation of finished products.


Long-term and stable partnership with the largest Russian agricultural holdings, such as Prioskolie, White bird, Cargill, OJSC "Cherkizovo Group" Group of companies "Damate", Group "Prodo" - confirms our reputation as a reliable and responsible supplier.


We offer the meal which made exclusively from slaughter waste. Tested and complying with all requirements of antioxidants, drugs combated with pathogens, proper packaging and storage allows us to maintain quality at a high grade.


The main priority of the development Department of Taim company is the searching of new production and technological solutions, monitoring, research and commissioning of advanced antimicrobial products in order to maintain and improve the quality of sold products.